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Murder Is A Serious Charge. You Need A Strong Defense.

When charged with a crime as serious as murder, manslaughter or vehicular homicide, the assistance of an experienced attorney is absolutely essential to ensure your rights and interests are protected. Adrian Pimentel has handled over 30 homicide cases over the years. 

In 2004, Mr. Pimentel represented a gentleman charged with Aggravated First Degree Murder.  The Prosecution's witness list had over 100 witnesses on it. It took 18 months to prepare the case for trial.  Ten days before trial, the prosecution relented.  They acknowledge publicly that if the case went to trial they would lose.  Mr. Pimentel's client, who had declared his innocence for 18 months, was released that day. 

Murder cases are complex.  They require a commitment to the accused and sometimes their family beyond that of a normal case.  Murder cases usually take eight months to a year to process.  First, we get your perspective.  Second, we let you know what will happen so that you understand the process.  Third, we discuss the consequences, penalties and potential outcomes.  After that we assemble a team of investigators, doctors and other experts that are trained to analyze and defend your case.

All cases are prepared for trial but most cases are resolved short of trial.  At Pimentel & Associates, we will prepare your case for trial, defend your constitutional rights and, if and when it is necessary, negotiate your case to get the fairest result possible.

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder or homicide, call us today.