Drug Crimes

Have you been charged with a Drug Crime in Kitsap County, Washington?

Pimentel & Associates has successfully handled hundreds if not thousands of drug crimes over the years.  Today, we successfully handle dozens of drug crimes in Kitsap County courts every year ranging from simple possession to possession of drug paraphernalia to trafficing, delivery and intent to deliver.

Drug offense can be complicated.  You need an experienced team that understands Washington Drug laws and Kitsap County policies related to those laws.  Pimentel and Associates has 50 years of combined experience handling drug crimes.  Call Pimentel & Associates PLLC at (360) 329-6699 today.

Level I Drug Offenses – Possession of a Controlled Substance, Prescription Forgery, Manufacturing Marijuana, Unlawful use of a Building for Drug Purposes.  The consequences vary significantly depending upon one’s criminal history ranging from 0-6 months for a first offense to 12-24 months for someone who has multiple felony convictions.  Navigating the right solution for you requires an understanding of your alternatives which can range from negotiating the case to a lesser charge to Drug Court to Drug Offender Sentencing Alternatives (DOSA).

Level II Drug Offenses – Delivery of a Controlled Substances, Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance, Manufacturing Controlled Substances, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances.  These are serious offenses that start off with a sentencing range of 12+-20 months for a first offense with no criminal history.  The possible sentencing range on these crimes can and do go up to 120 months depending on the severity of the crime and the criminal history of the accused.

Level III Drug Offenses – Controlled Substances Homicide, Delivery by someone over 18 to someone under 18, Any felony drug offense with a deadly weapon enhancement.  These are the most serious drug crimes.  Sentencing ranges begin at 51 to 68 months and quickly go up to 120 months depending on the facts and the criminal history of the accused.

If you are accused of one of these crimes in Kitsap County, Washington, you need an experienced, dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorney.

Possible resolutions range from taking the case to trial to pursuing treatment alternatives.  Treatment alternatives include:

  • Drug Offender Sentencing Alternatives (DOSA) –  There are two types of DOSAs.
    • Residential DOSA is for offenders with a sentencing range of less than 24 months.  It is great program.  It is essentially a jail alternative where the individual is sent to an inpatient treatment facility for 3 to 6 months of inpatient treatment.
    • Prisonbased DOSA is for offenders with a sentencing range exceeding 24 months.  For simplification purposes your sentence is split in two.  One-half is served in prison and the other half is served in the community on Community Custody (Probation) while you pursue treatment.  Thus, a person who has a sentence of 50 months will serve 25 months and will still get good time on that 25 months which means they would actually serve a little less than 17 months.
    • Am I eligible for a DOSA
      • No Sex Crime Convictions;
      • No Violent Felony convictions within 10 years;
      • Not on deportation status;
      • The crime involved a small quantity of controlled substances (as determined by the Judge)


  • Drug Court – Drug Court is an intensive outpatient program administered by the Kitsap County Superior Court.  The drug court program requires dedication and commitment to get clean and stay clean.  The purpose of the program is to offer non-traditional and individualized treatment for chemical dependency as an alternative to criminal prosecution.   The program involves intensive supervision, random drug testing, counseling, alcohol testing and frequent appearances in front of the Kitsap County Drug Court Judge.  The program ranges from 1 to 2 years depending on the circumstances of the individual.  Upon completion, the Court will dismiss the criminal charges with prejudice.  Drug court costs approximately $1,500 but no one is turned away because of an inability to pay.

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