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Kitsap County’s Premier Criminal Defense Law Firm - (360) 329-6699 (Call day or night).

If you or your loved one was recently arrested for a crime you need the highly skilled and experienced Kitsap criminal defense team defending your Constitutional Rights and your freedom.  Pimentel & Associates has a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers with over 30 years combined criminal defense experience in all areas of criminal defense from simple misdemeanors to Aggravated Murder.  Hire the best Kitsap criminal defense firm.  Hire Pimentel & Associates

Our firm has successfully negotiated and/or been to trial in Kitsap County on cases ranging from misdemeanor theft to Aggravated Murder.  We handle complex criminal litigation at every level.  Mr. Pimentel has spoken at State-level continuing legal education seminars in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii. Whether you or a loved one is wrongly accused or needs an experienced negotiator to get the best possible result, Pimentel & Associates is your firm.  Here is our promise to our clients: If there is a way out, we will find it!


We Focus on Kitsap County Criminal Defense Cases and discourage hiring out-of-town lawyers.

Here's why you need a local attorney...Each county does things differently.  Procedures differ from county to county.  Each county publishes it's own court rules.  Prosecutors from different counties have different philosophies, reasons and methods for how they prosecute cases.  Judges view their county's through their lenses.  These differences mean a lot when it comes to handling your case.  Knowing the statutes is only one part of practicing law.  Knowing and understanding both the statutes and the environment in which your case is set is critical to the best outcome possible.  We're here every day.  No one knows Kitsap County better than us.  Hire a lawyer that is fully prepared.

Our Kitsap Lawyers are local, they live and work in Kitsap county.  Almost all of their work is in Kitsap County.  They have spent years learning the logistics of Kitsap County.  They know the complex relationships that exist in the county they proudly call home.  Call Pimentel & Associates at (360) 329-6699.


Our office is located one block from the Kitsap County Court House

Our Kitsap County Defense Lawyers are located one block from the Kitsap county court house at 623 Dwight Street, Port Orchard, WA 98366.  Our convenient Port Orchard location ensures our legal team is on the ground and available whenever you need us.